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We take the time to discover exactly what you want and then make it a reality.

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1-On-1 Live Training Anytime, Anywhere.

Vertue is the first-of-its-kind, live, voice-driven platform bringing together curated nutritionists and trainers to design a holistic plan just for you. Your customized program is continuously updated with the exact steps you need to continually improve.

Vertue isn’t just an app — we’re a team of trainers, nutrition experts and sleep specialists dedicated to making sure you achieve your goals.

No Two Bodies Are Alike

Vertue personalizes your program based on whatever is available to you. Whether you’re traveling with zero equipment or at home with limited space, text the Vertue team anytime for live, daily workouts.

Achieve Wellness Effortlessly

Vertue listens to you, understands you and knows you. We build a carefully curated wellness protocol that gives your body exactly what it needs from delivering the ideal groceries directly to your door to setting your sleep schedule. We do all the work so you don’t even have to think about it.

Never Miss a Workout

Vertue meets you anywhere and at any time through a computer, phone or tablet. We provide the accountability, inspiration and motivation you need to train around your busy schedule.

Real Results

The Vertue program is perfect because they customize my workout just for me, my body, nutrition, my specific goals … and because they really work with my busy schedute to make sure l get it done no matter where I am or what my challenges are on any given day.


It’s a tailored exercise for your needs, with flexible times, with TERRIFIC hosts. Extremely convenient, very prompt, great ideas, and I HIGHLY recommend.


I love the strength training sessions 3x/week in my home. I used to take 2 hours out of my morning to drive to the trainer and do my session. I could only find one day/week to do this. Now, I can schedule Vertue based on MY schedule, and I’m feeling stronger with a 3x/week workout.


I feel very motivated. Without Vertue I would not be as active and I would not work out. I am glad to have this program to motivate me and push me to reach my goals.


Discover everything you need to achieve your goals.