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What Do You Want to Be?

Vertue provides online personal fitness and sports training remotely. Our virtual delivery format enables you to get the same results as you would in an in-person gym, without the travel and inconvenience. Accessible via iOS, Android and the web, our system can be used in a virtual reality and even on popular augmented/mixed reality platforms.


Vertue is designed to deeply understand you: to discover who you are, where you’ve been, and where you want to go – even if it seems beyond the realm of what’s possible.

Our team finds out exactly what you want and need and then makes sure to get you there. Humans are dynamic and complex; that’s why we evolve with you on every step of your wellness journey. We are dedicated to helping you become faster, stronger, and sleeker – more powerful, beautiful, motivated, awake, alive, connected, and better in every way.


We are a remote team that’s come together from all over the world to universalize wellness. We are inclusive across age, gender, race, religion and culture.

Vertue is built on a hierarchy of innovation and ideas – not on status or age. We know it’s our responsibility to make a better planet than the one we were born onto. We are determined to fulfill the promise that innovators have made: to build a better future for all.

But it starts with you, and it starts with your wellness.


Vertue is dedicated to providing meaningful work and using remote technology to create one-to-one human connection that results in lasting changes for our users and our team members. Our career paths allow people to have access to opportunity and growth through a new gig economy structure.

Interested in joining us on our mission?