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Corporate Wellness

Top Talent Deserves Top Benefits

In a post-pandemic world, workplace wellness is more meaningful than ever. Whether your team is choosing to stay remote or making a return to the office, there is no arguing that world-class employees expect world-class support from the places they work. 

Vertue is the first truly comprehensive wellness program designed for the modern workplace. On our platform, you and your team will have full access to live, one-on-one personal training, nutrition, and recovery anytime, anywhere. You can think of it like the experience of a high-end gym or wellness center delivered to you, wherever you are.

Whether your team is battling burnout or looking to get in shape, increase their energy levels, feel stronger and more focused, be more well rested, or improve their overall wellbeing, Vertue can make it happen. Our program is designed to help your team improve their performance, commitment, engagement, and loyalty by providing unparalleled access to top nutrition support, stress reduction tools, and personal training.  We are a completely personalized program powered by a team of empathic individuals who are dedicated to making sure your team achieves their goals by consistently delivering the motivation they need.

How It Works

Wellbeing for your team comes down to more than just a fitness tracker, a gym membership, or the latest piece of smart exercise equipment. 

Vertue interviews every one of your team members to find out their wellness goals, handcrafts individual wellness protocols, and then shows up whenever and wherever they need us so we can guide them through their programs. We’re here to empower your team – to help them connect to their whole selves, their lives, and their world through the most comprehensive wellness offering available. 

When you use Vertue, you can text us anytime to effortlessly reschedule your sessions so that your wellness routine fits seamlessly into your busy life. Your program is also updated continuously to make sure you’re constantly improving.

The Vertue Difference 

Vertue goes beyond the capabilities of a typical wellness app. We can integrate any equipment you may already have into your program or help you order any equipment you might be looking to try. You can also work out with us at the gym, outside, at your office, or at home. Most importantly, because you’ll be connected with live support from your Vertue team every time you use our platform, you’ll get an unmatched experience in accountability, flexibility, and safety. 

With Vertue, someone is always there to make sure you’re doing your workouts and that you’re doing them correctly. And, we’ll always be sure to show up whenever it’s most convenient for you.

Better by Design 

Whether you want to involve your entire company, a single department, or a group of high performers, Vertue is designed to make sure your team is consistently improving so they can fo the following:

  • Lower burnout

  • Lose weight 

  • Get in shape

  • Feel more balanced

  • Improve strength and flexibility

  • Feel more well rested

  • Eat more healthfully

  • Regain energy

  • Feel connected to your body

  • Feel at ease and inspired

We know that true wellbeing is a continuous journey. That’s why Vertue is designed to help your team achieve real and meaningful self-optimization across the board by delivering the motivation that’s needed to make it happen. 

It’s a tailored exercise for your needs, with flexible times, with TERRIFIC hosts. Extremely convenient, very prompt, great ideas, and I HIGHLY recommend.


I love the strength training sessions 3x/week in my home. I used to take 2 hours out of my morning to drive to the trainer and do my session. I could only find one day/week to do this. Now, I can schedule Vertue based on MY schedule, and I’m feeling stronger with a 3x/week workout.


The Vertue program is perfect because they customize my workout just for me, my body, nutrition, my specific goals … and because they really work with my busy schedute to make sure l get it done no matter where I am or what my challenges are on any given day.


I feel very motivated. Without Vertue I would not be as active and I would not work out. I am glad to have this program to motivate me and push me to reach my goals.