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On our platform, you’ll get a workout designed just for you: your customized program appears wherever you want it, complete with a live host to guide you through it. It all starts with our three-step process:

  1. Assessment: your host will guide you through an in-depth interview process to discover your body history, your specific goals, and what’s held you back from achieving your best self in the past.
  2. Architecture: our team builds you your personalized plan for exercise, nutrition, and recovery with guidance from leading experts in the wellness industry.
  3. Activation: your team of hosts will guide you through your live, daily workouts and deliver personalized wellness programs whenever and wherever you are.

Vertue is a voice-driven experience powered by the gig economy. Your host is one of our carefully selected team members who is there to guide you, motivate you, and help you become the best you’ve ever been. Unlike a single personal trainer or nutritionist, Vertue gives you access to  a whole team of people dedicated to transforming you.

Vertue designs your program based on whatever is available to you. We’ll build your personalized workouts with zero equipment or limited space – making self-optimization possible under any circumstances. We can also  integrate any equipment you already have into your program or help you purchase any equipment you would like to try.

Vertue is built to go with you anywhere. Once your gym re-opens, feel free to bring us along – it’s just like taking your personal trainer with you. We’ll update your program to incorporate any equipment available at your gym so you can get the best out of your experience.

It doesn’t matter if you’re on set, on tour, traveling for work, or glamping in the middle of nowhere – Vertue meets you wherever you are. We’re here to help you reach your goals at home, at work, at your favorite park, or on your next adventure.

Yes! We’re here to cater to your lifestyle and integrate with whatever fitness solutions work best for you. If you love riding your Peloton or are really enjoying your Mirror, we can integrate those products into your customized program. Just think of Vertue as your personal wellness coach who’s here to craft your perfect protocol and make sure you see results.

If your medical professional has cleared you for exercise, then working out with a one-on-one coach can be very helpful when it comes to preventing and managing many common physical injuries, strengthening the body and immune system, and contributing to healthy bone density. Vertue combines food, sleep, and exercise to deliver a holistic program, and we conduct an initial live, one-on-one Assessment to make sure we create your program according to your needs. As you evolve along your wellness journey, your program evolves right along with you.

Humanity as a service (HaaS) is a new gig economy model grounded in the belief that people helping people is the future of work. We aim to provide meaningful remote work opportunities for as many people as possible and to use technology as a means to create true, one-on-one connection among individuals.

While Vertue is dedicated to delivering the best user experience possible, we also adhere to high ethical standards for our workers. That means protecting our gig workers and preserving anonymity through our voice technology. We believe that the safety of our workers is just as important as the safety of our users, and we are committed to upholding the privacy of everyone who is a part of our platform.

Just text us! We’re here for you anytime. 310.598.1267.

Text us anytime to schedule or reschedule your workouts – even at the last minute. We’re here to show up whenever you need us and make sure you never miss a workout.

Are you ready to finally benchpress 225 lbs, have more energy than you ever thought possible, or truly transform your life and body? Vertue was designed to truly optimize you – to help you achieve the goals you never thought possible.

Vertue can be used at any level of physical fitness. No matter where you are on your journey, we will create a customized protocol to fit your every need.

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